One-On-One Options Trading Coaching & Mentoring

If you learn best with a hands on approach, and want to ask questions and learn in realtime, we have the solution for you. We take an interactive approach to our stock market options trading mentorship course. You (as the student) will feel comfortable in a truly 1 on 1 session with no outside distractions.

The course starts with an application/consultation session to help establish where you stand with your current trading skillset and knowledge base. This allows us to skip over all of the redundant information you already know, so we can focus on strengthening your weak points. 


  • Initial application & consultation session to establish current goals and knowledge of material

    • This is also where we will establish if you are a good fit for the mentorship

  • Access to a variety of resources that can help refresh your memory on any of the topics discussed.

  • One-hour meeting sessions via Zoom to discuss strategy, trade review, trading goals, progress, and any other various topics that are relevant to the mentee’s progress

  • Daily discussion to game-plan for the trading day, answer any questions that come up between sessions

  • Recorded Zoom calls from the mentorship training sessions.

Have you had some big, costly losses? Stop giving up your hard earned cash through trial and error with options.

Paying your tuition to the stock market is one of the most costly ways to learn, and can go on for years. Our catered coaching focuses on the areas you need the most improvement, to advance you to trading at your highest level. 

Reach out for your application and holistic consultation session to see if we can help you! 







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