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Conquer the stock markets with us! No matter your experience, we strive to make our community a place to grow as a trader. Our discord provides daily signals, alerts and watchlists as well as the chance to surround yourself with profitable traders and an active stock community.

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I had Jay the Trader as one of my instructors for a course I took and the amount of knowledge that was passed on easy to digest and wasn’t even that much to take in. Anyone can do this thing called trading! You just have to put it in the work and practice. You most likely won’t be an overnight hit but I can guarantee that if you follow the steps and rules that Jay teaches, you’ll be set for life. The value gained from his lessons is immeasurable. Jay and the rest of the team are sharing more knowledge everyday! So for anyone with an inquiring mind or are just hungry, you don’t want to sleep on this team


The turning point of my trading was turnings those Ls into Lessons. I joined this group and decided to invest more in myself by booking sessions with admins and taking every evening to learn. EVERY. DAY. I have not gone one day without taking in information because Im hungry for this. But one can only get so far alone. This group has had my back from the moment I joined. Every day we go in with productivity and positivity in mind. This success has been a product of everyone’s efforts.


Already a month into this group and I’m seeing major improvement. This group motivated me to learn how to fish for myself instead of just taking signals without knowing the setups and why it was called out. I’m already seeing major progression in my trading and I’m starting to build new habits that I’ve never developed before such as compounding profits. Now all I got to do just keep up with consistent and learn how to trade spreads. Like what Jay said set weekly goals for yourself. This group is great because there’s soo many resources and the admins are very helpful if you have questions.


Last year I was break even on my trading and in the last 2 weeks I’ve managed to not only make money but constantly make it. Besides the money I’ve learned so much from this team and it’s only been 2 weeks... shout out to the admins for all putting in the effort to not only help people make money but help them understand why they are taking every trade. This is the best group by far and so undervalued


This group is the best, finding out what works for me. Found different strategies, and got a lot of help from the admin team. Who will answer any question and will even host zoom meetings to show you what they see. I am now finding my own plays and posting my own setups. Much love to the CC team. Have to give credit where it's due.


Started off taking Jay the Trader mentorship and learned a ton of new skills that are starting to feel natural now. It's crazy to believe all of the value that he brings with multiple strategies that he provides to everyone each and every day. He's helped build a crazy good team that find some bangers all the damn time! Jack and Jay, thank you a ton and let's get them 7 figs


Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customer. Since joining this group for a month, the knowledge that I have gained is astronomical. I have made 100% on my spread account. With this group, you re able to understand why you get into these plays and create plays of your own. Cant give enough thanks to Jay, Jack and Lucio.. They make trading fun.


Callouts in this chat and the knowledge I got from Jay the Trader's course paid off my student loans and for all classes I have taken for my leasing and brokers license. I am not too active here, but never thought I would come this far. Still working the 9-5 currently, but this group helps any type of trader, full time, part time, and recreational.


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